High availability and improved fire protection

White paper Battery energy storage systems

Today, battery energy storage systems (BESS) make a decisive contribution in electromobility, to the supply of outlying areas or to the integration of renewable energies and the optimisation of energy use and grid system services.
Falling system and technology costs, especially for lithium-ion batteries, support this development as an alternative to conventional storage technology.

But what needs to be considered if battery energy storage systems are to be operated safely and with high availability? This white paper shows how safety, fire protection and thus also high availability of battery energy storage systems can be ensured through forward-looking system design.


One solution for many sectors

These findings are also relevant in many other industries for high availability and fire protection: 


  • hospitals
  • chemical or processing industry
  • paper and wood processing
  • mining
  • the railway signalling technology
  • data centres
  • automation
  • control circuits

Download the white paper "Battery energy storage systems - high availability and improved fire protection" to learn more about safe operation of battery energy storage systems.