On-demand expert talk: Charging at home - core functions of the CC613 charge controller

The charge controller with integrated emergency opener


The expert talk is held in English.


This expert talk is about our new charge controller variants for charging at home. Which functions are necessary for home-wallboxes and how they can be future-proof?

Key Topics

  • Bender Charge controller CC613-HEM-X2 and CC613-HB
  • Safety features
  • Communication interfaces for home charging
  • Integration in home-energy-management-systems


Dustin Hübner
Dustin Hübner

Application Engineer

With a focus on electromobility, Dustin Hübner completet his B.Eng. and has been responsible for charge controllers as an application engineer at Bender since 2008. He is the contact person for questions regarding residual current monitoring for AC charging stations and insulation monitoring in vehicles.

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