On-demand expert talk: Infrastructure sensors

Knowing that there is an insulation fault before the charging process stops


The expert talk is held in English.


What effects do DC residual currents have on the upstream electrical installation? This expert talk is about infrastructure sensors and the questions of what happens if the FI circuit breaker no longer works after connecting the charging point or wallbox.

Key Topics

  • Residual current sensors for AC charging stations 
  • Effects of DC residual currents 
  • FI circuit breaker
  • Functions of residual current sensors
  • Discovering fault currents in the charging infrastructure 


Daniel Wölfel

Field Application Engineer

Daniel Wölfel, a graduate engineer (FH) in electrical engineering specializing in information technology, has been responsible for the AC sensor product portfolio at Bender since 2018. This makes him the contact person for all questions relating to insulation monitoring and residual current distribution in the E-Mobility business unit.

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